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10ml Roll-on Fragrance Oil

10ml Roll-on Fragrance Oil

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10ml Roll-on versions of the full-size ritual body & hair oils



- Feel empowered, sexy, and strong

- Apples, Peonies, & Roses



- Protection, Wisdom, Family, Witchcraft

- Ancient Towering Pine and Juniper Trees, Crushed Forest Herbs, A Fresh Cut Pile of Fire Wood, Sweet Tobacco, and Sandalwood



- Fierce Protection, Strength, Otherworldly Beauty, Boundaries

-the salty sea foam meets fiery lava with a hint of fresh blood


Fiery Wall of Protection

- Call upon the Fiery Wall of Protection

- Oak, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, currants


Feeling Myself

- Confidence, love, healing, Queen & King Energy

- Roses, Lavender, Melon, Ylang Ylang


Kissing Potion

- Glamour, Seduction, Playfulness, Beauty

- Fresh Sun-ripened Strawberries, Powdery Violets, Sticky Sweet Marshmallows


I am Serene

- Calm, Serene, Stress Free

- a field of Lavender tucked beside an ocean dune gently swaying in a gentle ocean breeze


I am Wealthy Spiced Smoky Orange

- Wealth & Abundance

- Warm Winter Spices mingle with Orange Zest and a hint of Smoke


I am Wealthy Jasmine & Peaches

- Wealth & Abundance

- a bowl of sun-ripened peaches sits beside a giant ornate vase of Jasmine blooms picked from your front yard


Bluebird of Happiness

- Happiness, Hope, Laughter

-Fresh Lilacs blooming in the Sun 


Filled with yummy fragrance and crystals and herbs, these are perfect for your pocket or purse

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Have questions?

Reach out!

What’s the difference between the Ritual Body & Hair Oils and the Beard Oils?

Great question! Both are made with non-comedogenic cold pressed oils and can be worn by any gender on your hair, beard, body, or rubbed on candles or ritual items. The beard oils have no herbs, roots, or plant matter in them. The oils used in the beard oils are a bit thinner in consistency and I specifically formulated it to make hair soft and touchable. The Ritual Hair and Body Oils contains herbs and flowers and the oils I have used are a thicker consistency, while being fast absorbing, making it a great moisturizer. Both formulations contain tiny crystals and both smell amazing. I have done lots of research and testing to find the very best combinations of high quality ingredients that your skin and nose will love. Add to that, the love and energy each hand-poured bottle of oil receives, and you’ll fall in love with each recipe.

What’s in each bottle of oil?

Each bottle of oil is hand-poured and made with natural ingredients, cold pressed oils, herbs, flowers, roots, and crystals

I want an Intention oil but I want a different fragrance!

The fragrances and oils I choose for a particular blend are specifically chosen to align with that specific intention, but message @mysticmouseemporium on Instagram and I’ll try to make you something special

I’m looking for a specific crystal! Do you have it?

I have lots of crystals and beautiful pieces that I don’t have listed on the website. If you’re looking for something, chances are, I have it!… reach out to me, and I will send you some options!